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Welcome to Windy Ridge Farm


Windy Ridge Calico Kid passed away April 28, 2013. He was born here and passed away here after almost 19 years of being one of the greatest llamas ever. Windy Ridge Farm will always be the home of Windy Ridge Calico Kid! RIP Calico!


HOME OF ALSA GRAND CHAMPIONS MR.TONY CURTIS AND WINDY RIDGE CALICO KID.        Thank you for visiting! If you're considering llamas in your life, be sure to talk to us!Windy Ridge Farm has become well known for their successful training of llamas for show and performance competition. They have bred and raised Grand Champion llamas and have had their llamas well represented in nationwide and national show.

E-MAIL: billa3231@outlook.com


Windy Ridge Farm is located in Ashtabula, Ohio just South of I-90. Bill and Nancy Amidon, along with their two daughters Christen and Kelsey have dedicated themselves to raising quality bred, well-trained show and recreational llamas. The Amidons have been raising llamas since 1991.


Windy Ridge Farm stands for a total commitment to the overall health, well-being, and future of llamas in North America. The Amidons have focused their breeding program to stress well-conformed medium wool llamas with exceptionally well-balanced dispositions.